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Where is the Cat in the Fortnite?

Grace Madison



Cat in the Fortnite

In the Fortnite gameplay, Deadpool currently has all the control in addition to Meowscle’s vault card. Meowscles was also absent from the celebration party, and players are now unaware of his location.

So locating Meowscles is a pretty tricky job. You must be asking yourself the same question as others are; “Where’s the cat in Fortnite?”. No, worries because this will get sorted out right away. Continue reading our guide on how to locate Meowscles in Fortnite if you wish to snatch the Peow Peow Rifle.

Where’s the cat in Fortnite?

After Meowscles was exiled from the yacht and kicked off the party by Deadpool, he took refuge somewhere else. This residence should act as the first search objective of your mission to track the cat in Fortnite.

At present, Meowscles is in the Box Factory. Yes, the same box factory from the Creepin Cardboard challenges. The box factory can get tracked around the Eastern portion of Lazy Lake.

When discovered, Meowscles might still be crying due to the lack of attention he received previously: the party’s lack of invitation. It’s your turn to put him out of his misery. In this manner, you’ll be able to get a hold over his mythic assault Peow Peow rifle.

Meowscles and the box factory

After reaching the box factory, players can hide in the boxes. That’s because some other individuals might come looking for Meowscles weapon in the box factory as well.

Being hidden provides you a chance to drop on them. Moreover, the player’s attentiveness matters a lot while tackling Meowscles or other players that are completing the challenge. If you’ve dealt with Skye’s challenge previously, this is pretty easy.


When did Meowscles leave the yacht?

Meowscles planned on leaving the yacht after Deadpool’s arrival. The former boss of the yacht ended up getting robbed, and Meowscles relocated to the cardboard box factory.

Why does Meowscles cry in shadow mode?

The reason behind the sadness is Meowscles getting kicked off the Yacht after Deadpool’s arrival. Some sources suggest that the reason behind these tears is lynx’s untimely death at the hands of Midas.

What does the Yacht Vault contain?

The yacht vault contains Meowscles mythic Pew Pew assault rifle. The vault opens only with the help of the Yacht Keycard.

How old is Meowscles in Fortnite?

According to Fortnite, Meowscles in around six cat years old. Hence, his exact physical age is supposedly 36 years old.

How do you get Meowscles Pew Pew Rifle?

Considered as a variant of the Heavy Assault Rifle, Pew Pew Rifle is one of the most well known mythic weapons. This weapon can only get attained after defeating Meowscles’ boss.


So, why are you still waiting? Head over to Lazy Lake right now! It’s time to search and locate the cat as soon as possible. Follow this simple guide and progress to season 2’s potential Fortnite battle royale challenges.



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Valheim Tutorial – How To Get 100 Copper in one run!!

Grace Madison



Valheim Copper

Today guide we will go to show you how to get 100 copper in one go and this is really going to help you in the game because as you’ll find out you do need a lot of copper throughout the game to make bronze and to upgrade items now the first thing i want to mention the first tip is that so you can get a hundred in one go.

I would definitely recommend bringing a cart with you and this is because the copper is quite heavy and you can only carry so much at a time before you are weighed down but if you bring a cart you can store it in the cart without weighing you down and then you don’t have to run back and forth to your base the other tip i wanted to mention is if you’re going to go and get 100 copper in one go quickly throw down a workbench so again you are not running back and forth to your base to repair your pickaxe this is going to save you a lot of time.

If you have these two items here so you’re not running back and forth and you can just get all the copper in one go now if you don’t have the pickaxe yet you get this by finding the first boss i do have a tutorial about finding the first boss If you haven’t unlocked the cart blueprint. Now when you come to the copper rocks which you’ll notice they’re quite large of course you’re going to farm these copper rocks but what most people don’t know is it’s not just the rocks on the top that give you copper once you have harvested all the rocks on the top there’s actually still a lot more copper underneath in the ground.

You actually need to dig underground and as you can see here it’s quite a large area that the copper is underground and again this is why i do recommend having that workbench to repair your pickaxe because there is quite a lot to dig there is quite a lot underground so as you are digging you will see there is more and more Valheim Copper Native Gamer there so that is how you can get a hundred copper in one go and then you can when you’re finished you can simply just take your cart back to the base and get it all in one run so that is really going to help you guys out because as you know and i mentioned you definitely need a lot of copper in this game so i hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we’re definitely going to have a lot more valheim video tips so don’t forget to like this video and subscribe

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Fortnite Battle game and skins in Fortnite

Grace Madison



Fortnite Battle game

The Fortnite battle game has many new and unique features that made the player even closer to the game. The young generation spends hours playing the game. Fortnite provides many rewards including skins, weapons, and new locations.

As we know that Fortnite is a battle game and updates are made to this game every next day. Different types of equipment, maps, avatars, skins are available in Fortnite. Fortnite is free to play and players buy the equipment and costumes for their avatar to wear during the battles so that they look unique from others.

Each player buys some unique skin from the item shop when it is available. Skin comes in the item shop during rotation. It is not necessary to buy the skin to play the battle but players find it interesting to look unique from others for this reason they buy the skin.

Some skins are free to purchase but some are purchase with real money. There are plenty of Fortnite skins there are different categories. The categories are legendary, Epic, Common, Uncommon, and rare.  Since there are skins that are not released yet. Currently are 392 skins available in the item shop.

Deadpool Skin Fortnite:

Deadpool is one of the most famous skins of Fortnite. It lies under the category of legendary skins because it is the most valuable skin of Fortnite. It is a male outfit and is usually loved by the male players of the game. It is expected to be released on 8 April.

The skin outfit looks like a spider man with a combination of red and black. The face of the skin is fully covered with a red mask. The skin is carrying the gun in his hands with a backpack. It is available in the item shop while rotation for 1200 V-Bucks.

How to get Deadpool skin in Fortnite:

Fortnite chapter 2 of season 2 includes super cool and very special skins that include Deadpool. You will only get Deadpool skin in Fortnite by completing the Deadpool challenges. Deadpool allows you to play as a red-suited anti-hero.

You have to buy the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. You have to buy this pass to unlock Deadpool without this you won’t be able to take advantage of the Battle pass or gain the ability to unlock Deadpool. When you purchase the Battle pass after that you have to complete weekly challenges to unlock Deadpool skin.

When you will complete each challenge you will get the special Deadpool-themed reward. Complete as many challenges as you can to unlock your favorite skin Deadpool. If you are late to complete the challenges don’t worry because the challenges will remain there as long as you complete them.

Challenges of Deadpool:

You have to complete a set of challenges to unlock Deadpool. First of all, you need to find out the Deadpool hideout to complete the challenges. Once you enter the Deadpool hideout you will be given the challenges. Only one challenge will be given at the start once you complete that the other challenge will be unlocked.

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