Signs That You Have Never Had Italian Food

Everyone believes that they have had Italian food before, but this is not actually the case. Many items that are served in America (like in some Italian Restaurant Miami) and other countries is actually inauthentic. Here are three signs that what you have been eating is not actually Italian.

Marinara sauce should only be served in moderation when eating a true Italian meal. Just enough is added to slightly sauce your pasta. If you have been eating noodles with buckets of sauce, that is certainly not Italian.

If you love heading to your favorite Italian place and grabbing Caesar salad, you have certainly been duped. This is an item that is not available in Italy at all. In fact, this is purely an American invention.

You should be concerned if every place you have gone to serves things like fried mushrooms and mozzarella sticks for appetizers. Heavy things like this are rarely meal starters in Italy, which means that you have not been eating at a place that is truly Italian.

Just because you eat meatballs and pasta doused in sauce, this does not mean you have been eating Italian Food. Authentic cuisine in Italy is far different than most people expect.