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Happy Homeowners with Sign

Here are Pointers to Remember when Choosing a Real Estate Agent

When you are out looking for a real estate agent for Condos in Miami, you obviously want to deal with the best professional in Miami. With real estate agencies, professionals and brokers marketing themselves online, through yard signs, billboards, and snail mail, it becomes hard to choose which one can truly help you in the buying process.

There are several strategies when evaluating real estate agents in Miami. Here are things that you need to do before you proceed with the hiring process:

  • Speak with actual clients

Request prospective real estate agents to provide you with a list of properties they have successful sold for the past year. Ask for the contact information of successful and even non-successful sales. Reaching out to previous clients will allow you to check the level of commitment and customer service a real estate puts when dealing with buyers.

When you are seeking the assistance of an agent when selling a property, make sure to look at the locations, price, and other salient features with past clients too.

Yet another important question that buyers and sellers should ask is the average number of months a property was on the market before it was sold (there are lot of choices for homes in Miami Beach you can choose from).

  • Check for license

The state of Miami has an established board that regulates and releases licenses for real estate agents. Check with the Florida regulatory board if your chosen real estate agent is licensed or allowed to practice in the state. In addition, look for complaints or disciplinary actions on the record of prospective agents.

  • Pick one with the right credentials

Real estate agents have their respective specialties when it comes to real estate. If you are planning to buy a condo unit, be sure to hire the services of an agent that specializes in facilitating the sale and buying of condo units in Miami. If you are planning to purchase a mansion, seek the help of an agent with years of experience in successfully selling luxury homes in Miami.