The Different Types of Climate Controlled Storage Units in Delray Beach

Storage units fall under two basic groups:

  • Traditional
  • Premium

As the name implies, traditional storage only offers basic features. Including space, locks, and access to the facility whenever you wish to visit your items. On the other hand, premium storage units are those equipped with special, climate control features and a few other bells and whistles.

Storage service companies (including the storage company I know) will most likely recommend climate-controlled environments to ensure that your items are kept in good condition.

Temperature-controlled storage spaces are units with special controls. For instance, a storage unit with climate-controlled features will keep warm during winter and cooled during summertime.

Climate-controlled storage units help in preserving and protecting items from damage. Materials like wood, plastic, electronics, and wax can get damaged if not stored at their respective ideal temperatures.

Temperature-controlled units are also important for many customers as they ensue comfort during visits in their storage units.

  • Humidity-Controlled Storage Spaces

Air humidity inside is kept at ideal levels and regardless of air temperature. This type of storage unit reduces the chances of mold and mildew to grow on items in storage. Humidity-controlled units are best if you are storing items such as electronics and vintage furniture.

  • Humidity + Climate-Controlled Storage Spaces

This type of storage solution is perfect if you want to keep your valuables to preserve their beauty and quality even when in storage. It combines the ideal temperature plus humidity levels for any item you wish to store inside.

  • Heated Storage Spaces

There are also storage service companies that offer heated storage spaces that are great during wintertime. Temperature-sensitive belongings in storage will be protected from the ill effects of extremely cold temperature in heated storage spaces.