Celebrate History and Nature whilst Saving Money at Grand Canyon National Park

Visiting Grand Canyon can be a very expensive endeavor.  Although this may be true, doing a bit of research beforehand will certainly help you find ways to save money whilst you enjoy exploring the Grand Canyon!

  • Take Note of Fee-Free Day

2016 is the 100th birthday of the National Park Service. As commemoration of the agency’s centennial, you can get up to 16 chances of gaining access to Grand Canyon and other national parks for free.

  • Take your bike with you

If you are a bicycle enthusiast and love to travel with your bike, why not take a challenging road trip to the Grand Canyon. Driving a car and paying for parking will set you back $30 for seven days. On the other hand, if you take your bike, you will only need to pay half the fee.

  • Take your friends or family with you

It’s always best to take a tour of the Grand Canyon with a group of friends or relatives. Instead of taking multiple cars, carpooling is recommended as you save on gas altogether. In addition, gaining access in a group will save you money too. National parks like Grand Canyon charge per vehicle than per person, making it very economical if you can fit a lot of people in your vehicle.

  • Camp than rent a hotel room

National parks are called as such for the immense beauty of nature and wildlife they feature. Grand Canyon has many breathtaking campgrounds where you can camp out for a night or two (and if you’re not into that kind of adventure, there’s Grand Canyon Lodging available). Don’t forget to bring your tent, sleeping bags, and food to save more cash without spoiling the fun of being able to watch the stunning sky at night. One interesting campsite that you can go to is Havasupai Indian Reservation where the Havasu Falls is located. You can reserve a slot for $17 per night/per person.