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The Success Behind the Nike Brand

Nike has been enjoying continuous success through innovative products, famous endorsements, and creating a culture that distinctly theirs alone.

Nike remained consistent in their mission of continuously creating excellent products for athletes. In addition, their aim has always been centered on creating better products that are not only stylish but are functional too.

stencil.defaultNike also invests a large sum of their money on athletes, celebrities, and personalities that the masses look up to. With the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Manny Pacquiao as their brand ambassadors, they have successfully lure people across generations to patronize the brand through and through. They work non-stop to identify the icons across all fields of sports to identify themselves as the authority when it comes to sportswear.

Nike realizes the need to expand and capture the entire world. Streetwear from Nike is growing in popularity as well. As Nike has accomplished its mission of being the go-to-brand among athletes, it has also encouraged the rest of the world that it can deliver products that can be used in daily life. Its bold and daring entries into pop culture via entertainment, music, and social channels have made it easy for Nike to become the household name that it is today.

Nike succeeding in keeping the tradition alive established by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, who started Nike with the aim of producing goods that serve and improve the performance of athletes from around the globe. During its early years, the founders of Nike were aggressive in their efforts to be at the top. They looked for promising athletes that were determined not only to excel in their respective sports, but to set world records while wearing Nike products.

stencil.default (2)The performances of athletes who wore Nike during competitions were short of amazing. They set new world records and became champions at the Olympics and other equally important sporting events. The revolution that Nike started not only amplified the voice of athletes, but it also inspired an era of how sports products were used in society. The combination of provocative, imaginative, and entertaining marketing efforts that boosted athletics, Nike again succeeded to be THE BRAND for both style and performance. All the athletes that represented Nike were not only top-notch performers but were perceived as both stylish and approachable. Nike became the sports brand deeply rooted in both authentic sports and pop culture.

The Nike formula worked for many decades until present day. There athletes may have changed through the years, but Nike never fails in discovering new athletes that will become the inspiration of the new generation. Nike has done well in approaching marketing their products in a very sophisticated manner. Partnering with athletes paved the way to promoting consciousness not only about the importance of using quality Nike products but also towards creating awareness about relevant social issues such as racism, cancer, gender equality, and AIDS to name a few. Theirs is a far better and more effective approach to making a positive impact not only to athletes but to the whole of humanity as well.